Saturday, 9 July 2011

Inspired by my boyfriend

My boyfriend was over here in Scotland for 6 months from the USA and he LOVES cooking out on the grill/barbecue. Even when it was cold or raining, we'd eat from the grill 2-3 times a week. So when he'd gone back home and I got back to designing for my zazzle store, I suddenly became inspired to create a couple of barbecue designs.

The first was a little cartoon back yard BBQ scene that I then used as a 4th July invitation and in another of my stores as a cute children's party invite:

Fun 4th July Independence Day BBQ Party Invitation invitation

Colorful Animal BBQ Cartoon Children's Party invitation

The second design was more of a cheeky little dig at my bf since whenever he cooked for anyone over here they went crazy about how good his food was - even the fussiest of eaters enjoyed and devoured his food! Of course on the product the text can be changed so no-one has to work around with my bf's name on their shirt, lol. I'm not sure if he's managed to see the design yet but he was flattered when I told him about it on messenger.

BBQ Grilling Coat of Arms Humorous Vector Design shirt

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Not really, but .....

It is not very widely know that Scottish Bagpipes are actually animals. In fact, they are a form of cat that make a vey high-pitched wailing noise when angry. The animal has a very unusual pelt, ofetn brightly colored and featuring a number of stripes in a grid-like pattern. As it's such a ferocious beastie, many Scotsmen like to catch Bagpipes and exhibit them in a manner akin to lion tamers in order to show off their own machismo however the bagpipes take serious offense to this and let their feelings be known very vocally indeed! On rare occasions some Scotswomen also tame Bagpipes. In order to prevent the captured bagpipes from making an escape, three of their legs are often tethered with a tassled rope.

Bagpipe Tamer Funny Cartoon Vector T-Shirt shirt