Monday, 18 October 2010

My First Ever Jack O'Lantern (at age 38)

Okay, so at 38 years old I had never, EVER carved a pumpkin for Halloween. My excuse? Well when I was a kid in the UK, pumpkins weren't available in the stores. I do remember that my parents carved out turnips (or swedes) for Jack O' Lanterns when I was young but since I struggle trying to cut a turnip for cooking I never bothered to attempt carving one for halloween.

Well, this year I'm going to be in the USA for Halloween and my fiance decided to get a pumpin for me to carve. It's a little bit early yet but we figured I may need a practice run, lol. So, on Saturday afternoon I made my first attempt......

We bought a pumpkin carving kit with design templates - cheating a little but I figured that that was allowedfor a first attempt. It took a couple of hours to do even though it was a simple design, and boy did my hands ache when it was done!! I'm quite proud of it though - for a practice run.

Smiling Pumpkin Halloween Sticker sticker

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Mousepad mousepad

Cute Pumpkins postcard

Pumpkin Patch card

Pumpkins in Fall Leaves card card

100_0643, 100_0643, 100_0643, 100_0643, 100_064... tie

Pumpkin Witch Keychain keychain

Pumpkin Vines card

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags are a great alternative to grocery bags for your weekly shopping; sturdy and reusable as well as being environmentally friendly. Until recently I have been using canvas bags purchased at the grocery store, with a huge logo on both sides ....... so I've been paying to advertise for them and that kinda irks me. I have literally hundreds of tote bag designs across my zazzle stores so decided it was about time that I advertised for myself when I do my weekly shop at the store. Here are a few of my own designs and some from other zazzlers:

I can't believe that this one is proced at $58.40, but there you go!!

Earth Day Sunflower Bag bag
Earth Day Sunflower Bag by politicalgirl
Create a bag at

Art Nouveau Rose bag
Art Nouveau Rose by ArtformTheHeart
Create your own personalized bags using zazzle 

Tote bags are also great for carrying books, gymn clothes, or anything else you can think of. I'm always rushing out the door at the last minute and used to always throw whatever I needed to take with me into unsightly plastic grocery bags, not anymore, lol.