Friday, 5 August 2011

Consumer Rights - Warning for UK Residents - Thermal Roof Coating

In a weak moment, I was conned into having work done to the roof of my house by a ruthless company of rougue traders. The work was shoddy, the product ineffective and it took around 9 months to have my roof look resonably acceptable. The company? AQUASHIELD, based in Glasgow, UK but operating under the guise of a national company by using multiple franchises. After/during my experience I wrote and article over at Squidoo to warn others in the UK about this company and the sneaky ways in which they manage to escape any recourse for their unscrupulous methods. They are now operating as PROTEX THERMAL SOLUTIONS and PROTEX ENERGY SOLUTIONS, THERMAHOME, PV SOLAR and FREE ELECTRICITY 4 U.

The company phones me on a weekly basis, even though each time I tell them that I KNOW they are Aquashield and that I want my telephone number remover from their list - it is now bordering on harassment.

A full account and photographs of the terrible experience that I AND many other people have had can be read at:

Please do not let these people sucker you or your loved ones into having any work done.

The new company claims on their website "For your total and absolute peace of mind Protex is a reputable company and has over 30 years experience in the roof and wall coatings and UPVC replacement industry." Yet the "Protex Thermal Solutions" company was only formed in February 2011:

And "Protex Energy Solutions" in May 2011:

What they fail to say on the website(s) is how the previous companies owned by the same people were HIGHLY disreputable and how they simply operate multiple franchises in order to get out of fixing their mistakes or refunding customers.

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