Monday, 18 October 2010

My First Ever Jack O'Lantern (at age 38)

Okay, so at 38 years old I had never, EVER carved a pumpkin for Halloween. My excuse? Well when I was a kid in the UK, pumpkins weren't available in the stores. I do remember that my parents carved out turnips (or swedes) for Jack O' Lanterns when I was young but since I struggle trying to cut a turnip for cooking I never bothered to attempt carving one for halloween.

Well, this year I'm going to be in the USA for Halloween and my fiance decided to get a pumpin for me to carve. It's a little bit early yet but we figured I may need a practice run, lol. So, on Saturday afternoon I made my first attempt......

We bought a pumpkin carving kit with design templates - cheating a little but I figured that that was allowedfor a first attempt. It took a couple of hours to do even though it was a simple design, and boy did my hands ache when it was done!! I'm quite proud of it though - for a practice run.

Smiling Pumpkin Halloween Sticker sticker

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Mousepad mousepad

Cute Pumpkins postcard

Pumpkin Patch card

Pumpkins in Fall Leaves card card

100_0643, 100_0643, 100_0643, 100_0643, 100_064... tie

Pumpkin Witch Keychain keychain

Pumpkin Vines card

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