Monday, 21 June 2010

My attempt at micro/flash fiction.

I recently set up a new zazzle store called Animatastic, filled with fanTASTIC ANIMAls. I filled it full of cute cartoon animal designs, some PD and some original creations. To help advertise the store and products, I created an off-zazzle website hosted on weebly, again called Animatastic. To make the website a bit more interesting than just a duplicate of the store, I decided to have a go at writing some micro/flash fiction using the characters I had created. This is my first attempt:

One boring afternoon Perkin was sitting in his favorite spot lazily munching on a juicy bamboo shoot. Suddenly something very bright and colorful flashed quickly infront of his eyes. It was gone again so quickly that he hadn't been able to see what it was but he liked the pretty colors and looked around to try to find it again. He looked behind the bamboo tree he had been sitting under. He look behind the big rock he had been leaning against. He looked along the banks of the stream that ran close by, but he could not find the pretty, colorful thing that had caught his eye.

'Hmph! Nothing fun ever happens here' he said out loud before plopping back down and picking up his bamboo shoot once more.

Just then Perkin saw another flash of the color pass by and go right behind his head. He turned around to look and as he did, a bright and pretty butterfly landed right on top of his nose, tickling him and making him giggle.

'Hi, I'm Bella. Would you like to play?' the butterfly said.

'Oh yes!' Perkin replied, 'I'd love to have someone to play with.'

'Let's play tag' said Bella, flying off of Perkin's nose 'You're 'it'.'

image copyright Animatastic 2010, all rights reserved

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