Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The 4th July and some funny questions I have been asked.

I have been lucky enough to spend the last two 4th July's in the USA with my fiance, unfortunately circumstances this year may mean that I can't manage, time will tell. But thinking back on the memories causes me to smile, and sometimes have a giggle at questions I have been asked as a Scottish visitor to the US of A. Here are some of the questions (honestly!! and I have been asked them more than once!):

Q    "Do you have 4th July where you are from?"
A     Yes, and we also have 5th July, 6th July,.......

Q    "Do you celebrate 4th July in Holland?"
A     Well, Independance Day is actually a celebration of the United States of America gaining their  independance from rule by Great Britain (of which Scotland, where I come from, is a part) so no, we don't celebrate 4th July and I'm pretty sure that Holland don't celebrate it either.

Q     "So Scotland is part of England right?"
A     ~silence~

Q     "Do you have hillbillies/rednecks in Scotland?"
A1    Yes, we call them Aberdonians.
A2    Yes, we call them 'neds'.
(note, I may have to change my answer to this after reading up on the origins of the terms 'hillbilly' and 'redneck', see two posts down for more info.)

Q    "Do you have Christmas in Scotland?"
A     When I stop laughing, I usually point out that Christmas is (or should be) a Christian celebration and that Christianity is an almost worldwide religion, so yes, we celebrate Christmas too.

Anyway, I hope that gave you a giggle. Here are some fantastic zazzle products that celebrate 4th July for you to browse:


Jasmine said...

That's too funny. Some people are sort of ignorant, haha.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Aside from not knowing much about other people's cultures, they show remarkably little knowledge about their own!
Your post also reminds me of a story. A couple of my friends and I were on the train from Nice to Pisa and we were in a compartment with 2 young women. I started wondering what country they were from. Clearly they weren't speaking French or Italian. It wasn't German. Hungarian? Not sure. Finally, near the end of our journey I caught a couple words. They were Scottish! (It's a hard accent for American ears.)

ArtformTheHeart* said...

Oh my Mr Picklesworth!! lol. yes, when I have been abroad in several countries, people have thought that I was German because of the accent. It does a good job of confusing the touts and hawkers in tourist hotspots so I don't mind at all.