Friday, 4 June 2010

RedGage update

I posted recently about a website called RedGage, it should only be a post or two below this if you want to read the details. Basically, it's a networking site which can drive targeted traffic to your wesbite/blog/flickr etc, build backlinks for SEO, and at the same time earn you money for views of your content. I promised an update once I found out how well it was working for me, so here it is:

As far as RedGage and earnings go, in less than 24hrs of joining the site and with very little effort on my part, I had earned $3.18, not bad for uploading existing content from here and my other blogs/websites. As I browse through the site, I see many users with earnings in excess of $100, of course they must have good content to achieve that but it is encouraging.

On my first day at RedGage, I had 24 entries for the $25 daily raffle - I didn't win but the entries were easy to accumulate.

Also within the first 24hours, my six pieces of content had received 54 views. That's not bad in my opinion but what I really want is for those views to convert into click-throughs to this blog and my zazzle store and I rely mainly on google analytics to determine that. Unfortunately, the google analytics code is only on the main page of my zazzle store so I can't track when someone clicks directly on a product link rather than a homepage link. Anyway, that little glitch aside, after the initial 24 hour period, it doesn't seem that I had any clicks through to my blog (maybe I need to be smarter and upload only an exerpt to RedGage rather than the entire post) but I had 3 visits to my zazzle store's homepage.
Something I may have forgotten to mention in my original RedGage post is that you can upload links, photos, articles, videos and documents not just blog content, so you could be earning cash from other people looking at your holiday snaps, favourite family recipe, gardening tips, anything at all.

My verdict? RedGage is definately worth checking out!!

Edit on 7th June: I'm now getting modest traffic to both my blog and zazzle store from RedGage, and I have earned $6.36 in the 7 days I've been there. Pretty cool for posting the same stuff I already have around on other websites that don't pay a penny! I've also seen some users with total earnings upwards of $400, here's hoping!

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