Monday, 31 May 2010

Get targeted traffic, backlinks AND earn money.

I just joined this site: RedGage in an attempt to get more traffic to my blogs and online store. I was slightly confused about how it worked at first and had some niggles since I'm using Internet Explorer 8 (haven't gotten around to installing firefox on my new laptop) but have now managed to upload a few items and without adding any friends or doing anything else, my content got 11 views within an hour of uploading. To me that's pretty good, better than some of my blogs/squid lenses get in a week! I haven't managed to import my blog to RedGage yet - it says that it's linked but has never been updated (not sure if that's an I.E. problem or me being dumb). I will have to wait and see what Google Analytics has to say regarding my RedGage content generating hits to my sites but I'm hopeful.

In addition, you can earn money simply by people viewing your content:

"RedGage provides users with various opportunities to monetize content. RedGage members make money from unique page views to their original content. Each user has a customized rate for each 1000 views. To start making money, add your content to RedGage and check your Account Section. Once you receive the minimum amount, you can withdraw your earnings with a RedGage Debit Card."

Also, you can earn bonuses if your content is featured by RedGage on it's homepage - currently featured articles have bonuses of up to $4.40 which doesn't seem bad at all. There is also apparently a daily raffle with a prize of a $25 prepaid visa. It's worth a shot, costs you nothing and could do you a lot of good! I'll report back later in time to let you know how it's going for me.

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Shanel said...

sounds like a great site.. definitely keep us updated... it's sometimes hard to gain followers in the blog world but anything is worth a try right?:)