Thursday, 5 August 2010

Random is as Random Does

I sat up until 3am this morning working, latest I've done in a while, but I started on something and wanted to get it finished before going to bed, so 3am it was, lol.

Unfortunately, the local council's refuse collection department had their Garden Waste Collection scheduled today so I was awoken at 8.30am by the garbage truck, wheely bins being dragged around and the resulting 'dog chorus' from the 6 or so neighbourhood dogs barking like crazy. As soon as it happened I thought of 'dog chorus' which led to 'frog chorus' and from that point I had the Paul McCartney song from my childhood stuck in my head - argh! So it was time to get up and distract myself, lol.

I got a shock looking into domain names last night. The one I particularly wanted to purchase is parked and being offered at $1,000!!!! Quite ridiculous that people/companies can do that!! A similar thing is done in the UK with 'private' car registration numbers. I bought a second hand car once that already had a private plate on it. Apparently, the husband had bought the plate for his wife's car and when the two were splitting up, she decided to leave the registration with the car when selling it to spite him. It's normal in the UK for a car to keep the same number for it's whole lifetime, no matter how often it changes hands. But, I didn't particularly want a registration number that read "H4 RFC" since RFC stands for "Rangers Footbal Club". For one thing I just don't like football (soccer) and for another, I was actually told of someone with a "CFC" (Celtic Football Club) registration number having their car vandalised because of the plate. Because my registration was still the standard format (letter, number, letters) it wasn't too valuable but I did sell it for £250 and got a new, basic registration for around £40, a nice £210 towards the cost of the car.

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