Friday, 3 September 2010

Coolest new fashion accessory - yeah right!!

I was at the supermarket, buying cigarettes at the kiosk (I know, I really should stop!!) and I spotted a little display box beside the register. The box claimed theat the product inside was the "Coolest new fashion accessory" and it was only £1.99 (around $3.30). I'm not exactly fashion oriented, but I had to look closer and find out what this hot new fashion accessory was in a little plastic baggie. The bags were about an inch and a half square - this is a rather SMALL "Coolest new fashion accessory" then!! I picked on up and had a look .......... about a dozen or so two-tone elastic/rubber bands!!!!!! Are you kidding me???? lol. To paraphrase Billy Conolly: For a ******* rubber band??? I did a search online and found the almost-as-crazy idea of animal shaped rubber band bracelets - at least that's marginally original, but what's the point in animal shapes since they deform when you put them on? Maybe I'm getting too old, lol

This is a much better 'fashion' use of rubber bands (though I don't think I'd personally be brave enough to wear them, lol):

Rubber bands Keds Shoe kedsshoe
Rubber bands Keds Shoe by gavila_pt
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Jasmine said...

Yeah, I agree. That rubber band craze is really stupid.