Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Things got expensive!! - or Retro Memories Take 2

I was in the corner store the other day, buying a few things. When I got to the checkout, there on the counter top were "Chelsea Whoppers" - a favourite of mine when I was a kid. They stopped making them years ago but more recently a small company in Ayrshire re-discovered the recipe and has been manufacturing them and selling as a travelling rep. I can never resist when the corner shop manages to get Chelsea Whoppers in stock - it's not a regular thing - but this time, instead of getting 10 strips of whoppers for 40p, I only got 6!! I was majorly disappointed. Back in the day, the little strips were a penny each, the whole box was £2.50 for exactly 250 whoppers (yes, I saved up my pocket money to buy a whole box one time, lol).

I remember when we used to buy "10 pence mix-ups". A little paper bag (poke) filled with penny and half-penny candies. I wonder what you'd get in one of those nowadays - one strip of whopper and a midget gem?

I also remember back in primary school when we had a tuck shop at break time. You could buy a small bottle of Barrs soft drink for around 15 pence and even get 5 pence back for returning the glass bottle! Seems like similar sized bottles of pop are around £1 nowadays and you don't get anything back for recycling the plastic!

I'm really showing my age aren't I? lol

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