Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ridiculous Trademarks

With it being in the news recently about Facebook(TM) suing Teachbook over the use of the word 'book' in regards to a social networking website, I thought it would make a good post to point out some other ridiculous trademarks/wordmarks that have been granted around the world. How on earth trademark offices can grant registration on single words or everyday phrases in common use is beyond me. I do hope that I don't infringe any trademarks by writing this post ;oP

"Have a nice day" has a lot of 'dead' trademark registrations for a huge array of products and uses and as far as I can tell, one 'live' trademark.

"Life is Good" is currently trademarked for just about everything by a company of the same name - seriously??? Well ok then, "My Life is Good" .... that acceptable??

"Drama Queen" als has numerous live trademarks covering most commercial uses of the phrase.

"I bet on me" is covered for just about everything that it is possible for a person to wear.
I personally thought it was hilarious that "Roughneck Sausage" was trademarked. It only seems to cover pork sausage products, but really, when I read "Roughneck Sausage" I was thinking a WHOLE different thing, lol.

"GREEN RED NAUTICAL GEAR BY PORTSTARBOARD INDUSTRIES" is also trademarked along with a little pencil drawing circle design. DANG!! I soooo wanted to use that phrase on a t-shirt!!
"Go Green" is trademarked, so we'd better not become environmentally friendly or try to encourage others to do so. ;op

One company believes it has trademark over all uses of the word "Peeps" and trademark/copyright on anything that looks remotely like a chicken. Apparently, Peeps are an American candy that most people seem to find nauseating, but the company who makes them likes to make people sick in other ways too - by suing them for using the word peeps.

Well, I'm not going to be a Drama Queen, so not another Peep out of me. Have a Nice Day because Life is Good.

Banana Tee shirt

Go on, smile, hehehe.

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