Thursday, 30 September 2010

Running round in circles, just a-chasing my tail.

You know that feeling when you have so many things to do and not enough time to do them so you just end up flailing around? Well that's how I'm feeling right now and my poor little brain is frazzled from it all.

The reason I'm having such a hectic time? Well I'm trying to promote my zazzle stores (have forgotten all about creating art/designs/products for this week) and I head out for an extended stay in the USA first thing Monday morning. The flights were only booked 2 days ago, so I'm in a mad rush trying to ogranise everything. Normally I excell under pressure so it feels really weird to be chasing my tail like this. I have promotion for zazzle lined up for several weeks/months in advance for some of my stores and also for promoting other artists, but I seem to have run out of time a tad to line up the rest of my stores. I have a hundred and one things to do in my house and relating to my car, finances ets before I leave - please give me an extra 10 hours in the day, maybe that way I can get 8 hours sleep and a few more things done!

Of course, I could possibly be refused entry at US immigration (really worried about that) because my trips and itineraries make them suspicious that I intend to stay illegally, beyond the visa waiver limit of 90 days, so there is always the possibility that I'll be right back here in grey and dreary Scotland first thing Tuesday morning. When I went over to the USA for Christmas last year I was taken aside at immigration control - a total shock because I'm probably one of the most law abiding, honest people you will ever meet - and questioned. They gave me clearance exentually and I only just managed to make my connecting flight - but I'm worried that they may now have a mark against my  name, lol.

Wish me luck!

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