Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ever wondered???

Have you ever wondered...........

Why London's Metropolitan Police headquarters is called 'Scotland Yard'? As a kid, I used to assume 'Scotland Yard' was in, well, Scotland. I think I believed this until I was a teenager - doh! The answer to the conundrum is pretty simple though; the street where the first headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Force was situated was named Great Scotland Yard. So now you know!

Boys In Blue - UK mousepad

Why we put money in piggy banks? I mean really, why a pig? Why not a hippo or a dog? Well, back around the middle ages, people used to put their money into clay jars to keep it safe. The type of clay used back then was called pygg. Later in time, the word pygg dropped from common usage and other types of clay were used for pottery, however people continued to call their money jars 'piggy banks' and pig shaped money jars were created.

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Y said...

ooh i love the post...random thoughts that i didnt bother to check out...i like! thank you!

ArtformTheHeart* said...

Thanks Y!!! :)