Friday, 14 May 2010

Misquoted Mix-ups

Some commonly misquoted phrases, that if you think about them, are kind of amusing.

"I could care less."
It's actually supposed to be "I could not care less". If a person says the former then they are implying that they DO care, not the point of the phrase at all.

"A damp squid."
Squid are aquatic animals (cephalopds) and yes they would be damp or wet, kinda the point because if they were dry they would be dead. The saying is meant to be "a damp squib" meaning something unuseful or disappointing. A squib is an explosive that resembles a small stick of dynamite so it makes sense that a damp one wouldn't be much use.

"You've got another thing coming."
Great, what is it? I love presents! Actually I'm guilty saying of this one myself  more often than not. It really should be "you've got another THINK coming" along the same lines as "if you think that then you had better think again."

So here's a 'misquoted' design to finish:

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Shanel said...

I'm guilty of saying " I could care less"... I will think about that next time I decide to respond in that way.