Monday, 24 May 2010

The Last of LOST, my feelings on it.

If you haven't seen the show yet, don't read any farther!!!

And so it ended. How do you feel about it? For my part, I guess that Damon and Carlton wound up their 6 season show in the best possible way they could, a true 'feel good' ending to be sure. So far, and it's only a few hours since the show aired, most people seem to agree that the ending whilst a little anti-climactic on-island, met their expectations. As for the parallel-reality storyline, for me, it was a let down. I'm an atheist, don't believe in any God or religion and whilst I respect other people's beliefs, I don't want to have it rammed down my throat. I'm a scientist and that's simply what I believe in.Up until those final moments, the Lost writers had always treated religion on the show as something objective; different characters had different beliefs or no beliefs at all, it wasn't forced upon viewers that any religion was true or correct. But to then be told after watching this incredible show for 6 seasons, that the characters all go to one non-denominational afterlife? I don't CARE that it's non-denominational, I'm peeved that all of my favourite characters ended up in a religious building, looking into a cliched white light. Having said that, yes I enjoyed seeing 'Suliet' reunited as well as Sayid and Shannon, Charlie and Claire, but I had accepted that Juliet, Shannon and Charlie were gone and NOT having those reunions might actually have been preferable to the 'afterlife' ending. I'm a bit miffed that Juliet's words from the grave ("it worked") were a red herring, really made me think that the finale would be something other than faith/religion/afterlife oriented. Seems strange for me to say that after watching a black smoke monster, time travel, moving islands and the likes for 6 years, that the most unbelievable part of the whole show for me was the faith ending. Of course Darlton knew that they couldn't please everyone and I'm one of those people I'm afraid. I'm happy that the guys tied up enough of the mysteries of the island, as in life, not everything can be explained at this time.

There were some great moments in the show: Vincent laying down beside Jack in his final moments; Hurley being the 'number one'; "...I do believe in duct tape" and; Jack closing his eye that one last time.

 I enjoyed the finale tremendously, and the ending was good despite the religious connotations; I'm just sad that it's all over and wondering what will come next .......

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