Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Postcode Lottery Hook

I just received yet another 'invitiation' to join the People's Postcode Lottery. It's a regional lottery draw based upon your postcode and a 'personal' number, costs £2 per ticket per week and you have to pay by direct debit from your bank. The info they send out encourages you to purchase 3 tickets, that's £6 per week, as the more tickets you have, the bigger the share of the pizefund you will receive if your postcode is selected. The top prize for a street draw is £30,000, and the amount you receive is proportionate to how many tickets are held in that street. If you have one ticket and your neighbour has 2, no-one else in the street holds any tickets, you get £10,000 and your neighbour gets £20,000. Both decent sums of money in the current financial climate, but honestly, £10,000 is not a life-changing sum of money anymore.

With the regular lottery, if you don't play and you don't have numbers, you can't feel bad if you don't win. But with the postcode lottery, they are trying to 'hook' you - if your postcode is drawn and you don't have a ticket, you just have to sit back and feel lousey while your neighbours celebrate. I resent that BIG TIME. I'm currently trying to survive on £90/week and may soon be on even less than that, I don't get any rebates on council tax or rent (I pay a mortgage), I smoke (an addiction that is completely my own fault but none-the-less an addiction) and I cannot afford £6/week for a lottery. Would it be nice to be handed a cheque for £10,000 - oh yes! But I still cannot afford to enter the draw. So to the People's Postcode Lottery - stop ramming the thing down my throat and encouraging me to gamble money that I just don't have!!

Okay, rant over.

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