Friday, 21 May 2010

So LOST is coming closer to the end.....

... what will you do now?

Lost has been an incredible television phenomenon. Who would have know way back in 2004 just how much of a phenomenon? With spin off games and experiences online, 'books written by' flight 815 passengers and even it's own wiki site. Online forums are inundated with fans wanting to discuss every detail of every episode. Lost isn't just a tv show, it's an obsession. There really hasn't ever been a show like it, drawing from so many references: science fiction, literature, comic books, theology and ethnology. There is/was something for everyone in the show. It sparked so much discussion, spawned countless theories; Lost, to many, became both a pastime and hobby.

So now, it will all come to an end on 23rd May (USA) or 28th May (UK)  and what will the tens of millions of fans around the world do? Damon and Carlton, the show's producers promise . “….there’s still going to be plenty of room for debate when the show is over" so speculation and theorisation will no doubt contine for some time on the numerous online forums. But after May 2010, there will be no more answers, no more mysteries. New shows (and remakes) have come along and whilst the networks have been careful to deny rumours such as "... it's the new LOST...", fans have had high hopes of finding something that will capture their imaginations with the same intensity. But Lost has been done, it can't be done again and there won't ever be anything quite like it. There is after all only on Wizard of Oz.

I imagine that after the series comes to a close, and the discussion forums have quieted down, many people will find that they have a lot more time for other things in their life. Do we really want another tv show that will drive us as crazy as Lost has?????

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ArtformTheHeart* said...

can't edit the post as it says there's an error, but apparently Sky 1 are showing the finale at 5am Monday 24th May in the UK, not the 28th as the schedules had shown. Guess it it being shown simultaneously worldwide. Set your alarm cloks early!!!!!