Wednesday, 12 May 2010

So the World Cup Starts on the 11th June......

Although I'm not really into football (soccer) anymore, there seems absolutely no way that I can avoid the World Cup. It's going to be all over tv, newspapers and the internet for pretty much 2 months. So with that in mind, and considering that my home Country of Scotland did NOT qualify (big surprise huh?) I wondered who I should support. "Easy," say some of you, "support England." I could well support England but am I being unfaithful to Scotland if I support England? For years I've failed to understand why in some endeavours we compete as the UK, whilst in others we are still separated into Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. I could support Brazil, the favourites to win (at least then I'd know I was backing a good team - not that England aren't a good team, just my knowledge on the subject is so poor). Or I could support my fiance's team, USA, though he is as much of a football (soccer) fan as I am. Maybe I should pick the team with the prettiest flag? That may be as good a selection criteria as any. If your National team didn't make it to the World Cup, who will you support and why?

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