Friday, 7 May 2010

A 'new' invention.

A friend and I were talking once about how great it would be to be able to invent something. Something really new and unique that everyone would want or need so that we could "make our million". He started telling me about an idea he had; saying how awkward he found it trying to use chopsticks in chinese or japanese restaurants. He said that he could just about manage to pick up a piece of food but that by the time he'd gotten the chopsticks anywhere close to his mouth, he's dropped the food, plop back onto his plate. He said that he had an idea how to make chopsticks that were easier to use. Never having been able to remotely use chopsticks myself I told him it sounded like something that could be really popular and told him to continue. He explained that if the chopsticks were sharp at the end, pointed, you could stab the food and that way it wouldn't fall off of the chopstick. I agreed wholeheartedly and encouraged him to tell me more. He went on to add that he'd then thought how having more than one point would make it even easier still. Again I agreed with him. Then he said, dead pan, "That's when I realised I had just re-invented the fork." Doh - I'm such a sucker!!

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